Pasture Management

Pasture Management

To follow on from Frank’s environmental work, a decision was made to evaluate biological farming practices in 2005 as we felt it was unsustainable to continue with the use of acid based fertilisers.

From 2005-2007 we trialled the system in two paddocks and moved from using acid based fertilisers to soil conditioners, lime and natural phosphate in the form  of Viafos. The aim was to manage the soils and pasture from the ground up and enhancing the worm life.

In 2007 we adopted the policy over the whole property.

Biological farming has enabled us to use significantly less agrochemicals, improve soil quality and worm numbers without reducing output and financial benefits which is resulting in a more ecologically, economically and socially robust farming system as compared to the way we used to do things under conventional farming methods.

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