Performance Recording

Performance Recording

Te Mania pioneered performance recording of beef cattle in New Zealand and has always lead the way in evaluation and adoption of new methods and technologies. Te Mania was the first Angus herd in New Zealand to record on BREEDPLAN, was one of the first to begin carcase evaluation and more recently adopt the HD50k technology.

 All cattle are subjected to numerous rigors, tests, stresses and inspections from which their own set of EBVs are developed. This process enables us to identify those animals that stand out from the mob.

At Birth

  • All calves are tagged, weighed and given a calving ease figure
  • Birth weights, calving ease figures, the cows mating details, birth date and the calf’s parentage are sent to BREEDPLAN to calculate EBVs for Gestation Length, Calving Ease and Birth Weigh
  • These EBVs give us crucial information for selecting suitable bulls for heifer mating and also for selecting bulls for our Spring Bull Sale

At Weaning

  • Calves are weaned mid to late January
  • Calves are weighed, drenched and given their first vaccination for BVD, lepto and 10 in 1. A booster is given 6 weeks later
  • Cows are weighed and condition scored. The data is sent to BREEDPLAN for the calculation of Mature Cow Weight EBV

Weaning to 400 Days

  • Heifer and bull calves are run in groups of around 100, drenched when worm counts necessitate , are branded and managed to show their potential under the pressure of a large group situation.

At 400 days

  • Bulls are weighed, scanned for rib and rump fat, eye muscle area and intramuscular fat. Scrotal circumference is measured. This data is sent to BREEDPLAN to calculate the carcae and scrotal EBVs
  • Young bulls suitable for heifer mating are selected for our Spring Sale
  • The balance are sorted into groups of 30-40 and are taken through to the June bull sale
  • Bulls being considered for mating are HD50K tested, then the final yearling team for mating is selected.
  • Prior to 400 days heifers are given a BVD vaccine sensitiser and at 400 days are weighed and given the BVD booster

At 600 days

  • The bulls are weighed and have hip height measured to calculate Frame Score
  • Bulls undergo a close examination for feet structure and temperament
  • Xcell Breeding Services semen tests all bulls and checks for penile and testicle defects
  • 600 day weights are sent to BREEDPLAN and updated EBVS are calculated
  • Bulls that have passed this rigorous process are then selected to be catalogued
  • Heifers are weighed, carcase evaluated for rib and rump fat, eye mscle area and intramuscular fat.
  • Heifers are prepared for a large AI programme.

The Te Mania herd is assessed annually for general health, udder, feet and temperament defects and any animals not meeting our high standards are culled or downgraded to a recipient.

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