Our Herd Sires

In the Te Mania herd we run an extensive AI programme, use a number of genetically superior yearling bulls as well our few specially selected herd sires featured below.

Semen is available from our three herd sires in New Zealand and Australia.

This Summitcrest Complete !P55 son will appeal to a number of programs, with his added growth and muscle. Absolute was the heaviest calf at weaning for the entire 2010 Te Mania calf drop. His 200 day weight ranks in the top 1% of the breed. This growth carries on through to his 600 day weight which is top 10%. His milk EBV ranks in the top 10% and his EMA is top 5%. Absolute’s sire, Complete1P55, is a proven sire that also excels in these traits. Complete ranks in the top 15 for Rib Eye, 3% for Milk and is also top 1% for $Beef Value Index on Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) evaluation in the US. Absolute is a young sire with plenty of mid-section, thickness and comes with extra muscle expression. His dam is a moderate, easy keeping cow that rebreeds early. An Absolute must for any program!

Te Mania Absolute 10 506

Top 1% of the breed for: 400 Day Weight. Top 5% for the breed for : 600 Day Weight, Scrotal Size, Carcase Weight and EMA.
Te Mania Quantum 490 is a thick, powerfully built Infinity son who offers plenty of top end growth. He is a very sound, easy doing bull with a great disposition. With Infinity and Dateline 7078 in his pedigree, it is easy to see why he possesses such heavy muscle expression! With his CWT, EMA and RBY% all high ranking in the percentile bands, Quantum has plenty to offer in terms of carcase potential. Use him to add phenotype while enhancing performance traits. Te Mania NZ used him heavily in the 2011 joining.

Te Mania Quantum 09 490

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