Semen Sires

We use a selection of semen sires – some that we have bred – Te Mania Infinity,  Te Mania Premium Beef, Te Mania Futurity, others we have ownership in– Te Mania Unlimited, Tuwharetoa Regent D145 and others from which we have sourced semen from around the globe.

With over 5000 progeny recorded in 241 herds across Australasia it is easy to see why Infinity has become such a favourite. He comes with a rock solid data set, in which he is a trait leader for Scrotal Size and Marbling. He has a wonderful disposition, is very sound and possesses tremendous muscle expression. Sons have been sale toppers on both sides of the Tasman. His sons have been keenly sought after.

Te Mania Infinity 04 379

Premium Beef is a thick, stout Xpo son. He possesses excellent carcase traits -his EMA and IMF% EBVs are well above breed average. He comes with plenty of mid-section, is structurally sound and has an appealing phenotype! His dam, Te Mania 01042 is a top performing, powerful New Era daughter who rebreeds quickly.

Te Mania Premium Beef 492

Futurity is producing very powerful cattle with tremendous muscle expression, which you would expect, given that Futurity is ranked in the top 1% for EMA at +8.6. He is a trait leader for DTRS and Carcase Weight. He possesses a very moderate Birthweight, yet has well above breed average 200, 400 and 600 day weight growth and outstanding carcase qualities. Futurity is a very well balanced all round sire. His dam,
W1504, is a wide based, moderate B/R New Design 036 cow that rebreeds
quickly and is hard to fault for udder quality!

Te Mania Futurity 05 314

Unlimited has acquired ‘legendary status’ on both sides of the Tasman. His sons have been high selling bulls on a number of occasions. But we think his strength is his ability to sire outstanding maternal daughters that perform exceptionally well. They are moderate, broody, fertile, and possess plenty of milk. He is a genuine all-rounder, with a number of qualities that put him in the ‘complete sire’ category.

Te Mania Unlimited U3271 (IMP AUS)

Frontman is a genuine calving specialist, he is a trait leader for both calving ease direct and birth weight, yet maintains an excellent  growth curve which is well above the breed average for his growth traits. Frontman has been a high use sire in the USA in recent seasons, he is a frame 6 and comes with a heavy muscle expression! On viewing Frontman recently, we found him super sound with great feet and leg structure. He is backed by on his maternal side, multiple generations of calving ease.

Kesslers Frontman R001

The complete cow maker, 24J descends from the great Sitz Everalda Entense cow family which is arguably one of the best in the breed. He is a trait leader for 400 day weight, 600 day weight, Milk, Days to Calve and Carcase Weight. A proven pedigree, that comes with high accuracy traits bought about by the analysis of over 2400 progeny in 234 herds on BREEDPLAN. An outcross pedigree, that doesn’t compromise on performance.

BT Right Time 24J (IMP USA)

454 is a Boyd New Day 8005 son that we used for his nicely  balanced performance package and his pedigree that we felt would compliment our programme. He is a trait leader for his 400 day weight, carcase weight and eye muscle area and comes with a moderate maturity pattern.

B/R New Day 454

We purchased an interest in Regent D145 at the Tuwharetoa dispersal in Australia in 2010, with Te Mania Angus (Vic) and Dunoon Angus (NSW) both from Australia. He is a larger framed, athletic bull. He is a five way trait leader for all his growth traits, carcase weight and eye muscle area he also ranks in the top 1% for marbling-IMF%. He is already been used extensively and has over 1300 progeny analysed on BREEDPLAN. We are very pleased with progeny he has left here at Te Mania and our June  2013 sale will see a large offering of sons.

Tuwharetoa Regent D145

(AI) Angus Breed Trait Leader for: Calving Ease (dtrs), Gestation Length, 400 Day Weight, Milk, Eye Muscle Area, RBY% and IMF%. Te Mania Africa A217 has been extensively progeny tested through Team Te Mania and throughout the commercial and seedstock industry. His sons show lots of natural thickness with plenty of butt shape, style and structural soundness. He is an ideal seedstock and commercial heifer bull with calving ease and explosive growth. Africa is having a big impact on bull sale results around the southern states of Australia. His dam, Te Mania Jedda Y32 continues to excel. Africa is a trait leader eight times and has 2403 progeny recorded on Angus Group BREEDPLAN within 79 herds. As a mark of his standing, at our last five sales, since August 2010, we have sold 26 sons for an average of $9038 and a high of $28,000. His sons have dominated and been sale toppers at other Autumn sales in 2011 and 2012.

Te Mania Africa A217 (AI)

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